Monday, May 28, 2012

Nashua Rail Trail

I went to Nashua to run the rail trail for my long run. The trail is 12.5m long and goes from Nashua-Ayer, I usually start in Dunstable but this time I wanted to start in Nashua to make it 12.5 not the normal 11 each way. I found the parking lot got ready and was out by 4am. I saw a dirt path right next to where I parked. It was very dark, but I had on my trusty 13 dollar head lamp from Walmart. I started down the road and ended up in a construction site, no posted signs so I kept on going. Lots of dirt, rocks and holes, I saw a road with houses so I followed that and somehow ended up on the correct trail. Future reference the whole thing is paved. About 1.6m into the run I saw the parking lot for Dunstable and I knew I was on the right track. About 2m into the run I got stomach issues and I had to pull off the road and take poop #1, I took off my pack grabbed my disposable wipes turned off my light and did my business. I was startled by a deer, he literally scared the S*@T out of me. When I was done I turned my light on a saw a bunch of frogs.
The sun rose about 515 and it made it easier to see kept light on for about 30 more min. I didnt see another sole out there till around 615am. It got warm quick and I was covered in sweat, I dont handle the heat well. the temp at start was 67* and it rose into the 80s during my run. Heres a few more pics I took
I was happy with the run, struggled with the heat had to walk more than I wanted, I made sure to hydrate well took a gel every 7miles. I saw things on the way back I didnt get to see on the way out due to the dark start.
On the retuen loop I found the correct road and stayed away from the construction site, Trail was at other end of parking lot. I worked on my pacing for the Wakefield 24hr. I did a walk run of 10/3 at the end of the run and finished with sub 13min average. Best part of the day was taking the wife and kids to the beach the cold ocean water felt great on my legs.
2 months till I get to run the race of my life, the plan still looks good for 80-100 miles

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