Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wason Pond Pounder.

Yesterday Crystal went to Chester Nh to race the Wason Pond Pounder Obsticle race. The race had over 16 obsticles, High Hurdles, Log Climb, Army crawl on sand, spider web, zig zag hill with tires, Over/Unders, Cinderblock Carry, balance beam, NFL tires up Hill, Spools, river cross, walk on water, A Frames, Get wet (lake cross), monkey bars, walls and hurdles. Crystal was registered for the 9am wave, I planned to go and just support her but that changed when I saw how much fun she was having.
Heres a few of my favorite photos of her.
I made a last minute decision to try and run the race myself. I had on shoes with close to 1000 miles on them and had to race it in her shorts. I registered for the 1020 wave start, I started slow and took it out towards the end of the pack.
I felt good so I started to push the pace a little I ended up finishing 14/71 in my wave, I'll take that after the late decision and lack of warmup. I also decided seeing I was RACING acidotic to carry 2 tires not just one. I did the same with the cinderblocks
Photos: Photos:

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