Sunday, May 6, 2012

TARC Spring Classis 50k

On April 18th I ran my 1st 50k of the 2012 season and I chose to do it on a fast course.  I did the TARC Spring Classic in Weston MA.  The course was mostly flat almost all single track lots of rocks and roots and my favorite mud.  With only a few long runs an 18+21miler under my belt I knew I was in for a challenge,  After running the 6hr in March and struggling I didn't know what I was in for.  I was surprised with my fitness gain since then as I had put in runs of 13-15m followed by 10s the next day which I feel added to the fitness.  I went out in normal fashion and started slow during lap 1 to learn the course, warm up as it takes me about 3-4m on trails to get into a groove.  Felt good during lap 2 so I pushed it and over did it.  I was running low 10s at this point and ran up to Jay Kruger from Biggest Loser and we chatted for a few miles and I threw down a 930m with out even realizing it.   I also forgot to drink for most of this lap due to the talking and having fun with it.   Lap 3,   Cramps started in the calf's (Pisgah Style) which stopped me dead in my tracks. I couldn't walk, couldn't stand and fell flat on my face thank good I was in a grassy field at the time.  After about 5min and at least 10 runners passing me I was able to start walking again and I did a walk/run to finish the loop.  At end of each loop is the aid station, and right before it I cramped on the way out of the woods and had to limp in.  Josh Katzman (Ivov-8) who won the the 12hr race last July by running over 80m helped me in and asked what I needed he grabbed me some water and a S-Cap and I filled my bottles and off I went.  Next 2 laps I drank my water Gatorade 50/50 mix had a few sips every mile and was able to walk/run the whole time with minimal cramping.  When I hit mile 29 I realized I was in for a huge PR of around an HR,   I dug deep and had my eye set on a first time ever sub 7hr for 50k.   Not only did I hit the sub 7 but I finished in a 6:58.  A new PR for me by over 55min. 
Race Reults:
I'm very happy with the race and how it all worked out, Recovery went well,  Still having the swelling issues during Ultras. 
Work on fueling better,  
Read up about S-Caps for Wakefield 24hr in July
Train harder get in all the longer runs. Have 30s planned every other weekend till July and a 50m scheduled mid June.
Finish Photos By Crystal St. Hilaire

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